We happen to develop software in more creative and straight forward way

Soficus brings together storytelling, cognitive techniques, product and software development experience to create beautiful and functional web and mobile applications.

Our approach

We deliver truly valuable software thanks to careful refined development process with predetermined project specification and cost. The project will grow organically with time, gradually increasing size and complexity and turning to a product. Our process is designed to properly understand your needs and help build best software application for your need.


1. Brief

We know that you will probably have many more ideas than a budget for, so we will assist you with finding the right balance.

2. Plan

Planning is essential to what we do, so that we can both schedule resources and commit work to deliver your project.

3. Prototype

We use very simple, but effective techniques to test the whole concept and application.

4. Development

When we are both happy with the outcome of the previous stages then we start with the technical bits and bobs of the project.

5. Test

Testing is essential and is always done when a single unit of work is complete or project milestone reached.

6. Review

During review sessions we gather further feedback from you and test users about how a unit of work and the whole app performs.

7. Launch

When your are confident that the product passes all acceptance tests we deploy it to production.

8. Results

We hate surprises as much as everyone else do, that is why we always make sure that you know exactly where your project is and where it's going. Frequent project reviews and testing sessions are pre-scheduled at the beginning of the project, so that everyone knows what to expect.

9. Maintenance

Keeping your software product in top shape is important. We gear up to provide block-of-time support contracts, so that we can quickly respond and address your needs.